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Bucky slowly approached your leg, taking a deep breath in before he gave you a short nod and started the first stitch. You shifted uncomfortably, reaching out and gripping Bucky's shoulder to steady you. "I'm sorry. I'll be quick. I'm sorry," Bucky repeated the same phrases under his breath as he worked. 2 nd Time. A year and although Bucky did apologize after that incident, you don't share much apart from a few words whenever you're on a mission or in a meeting. Bucky sticks to his side of the tower and you to yours. The mission has been another grueling one, pushing you to your limits and it's hard to keep your eyes open as you climb unto the quinjet.

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7. 6. · Summary: Reader started to question their relationship and then walks in on something she never expected.. Pairing: Bucky x Natasha, Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader. Warnings: Language, mentions of rape, abuse, etc. Word count: 1,090. A/N: Omg thanks too much for everything! I didn't think this would do well alt all but it did!.

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Bucky Barnes wanda maximoff reader insert fix it fic marvel fic marvel mcu bucky barnes x reader reader you y/n Steve rogers series rewrite fluff filler chapter best friends with wanda pietro maximoff slowburn like painfully slow I'm sorry this is for the people who maladaptively daydream they they're in the mcu or shifters or ppl who wanna.

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Reader is a member of the avengers with the same skill set as Black Widow bucky barnes smut bucky fluff bucky barnes bucky x reader bucky x y/n marvel smut bucky barnes fanfiction bucky barnes x reader bucky barnes x you bucky barnes x y/n bucky barnes angst 212 notes Jan 18th, 2021 LOTS OF FLUFF, MINIMAL DRAMA, NO ANGST, SLOW BURN Post CA:TWS.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader . you always took the elevator up, sure being in a tight space made you a Aug 06, 2019 · Pairings: Bucky Barnes x [F] Reader . Bucky Barnes x Reader Summary: Anonymous said: So I was thinking about a bucky x reader one shot where they are in a relationship but one day a mission goes wrong and Bucky goes missing and is.

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One of the most popular fics in the fandom is Infinite Coffee And Protection Detail focusing on Bucky overcoming his issues and learning how to live. Stands out for being quite humorous despite being about trauma recovery. Super slow burn, relationship upgrade after over 200k. 4.

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bucky barnes x reader bucky barnes x f!reader pietro maximoff x reader pietro maximoff x f!reader druig x reader druig x f!reader social media au slow burn angst fluff reader insert marvel mcu mcu fanfic mcu fanfiction kate bishop wanda maximoff yelena belova peter parker bucky barnes druig sam wilson kingo sersi eternals shape up boys.

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Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Female Reader. Word Count: 5.6k. Chapter ½. Before long, he could barely hear the gentle, even wisps of her breathing over the truck’s engine and there was that burning feeling again, whiskey in his throat. It went down smooth and pooled in a ball of warmth in his stomach. He didn’t hate it. A large grin spread across his face as he discarded the towel. He lightly touched at his hair, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open in awe. “This looks amazing!”. He praised in excitement. He looked over at you and pulled you into a tight hug, pressing his lips against your temple.

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader. Summary: ... This entire series also fills my Slow Burn Square for @marvelfluffbingo. Thanks a bunch to the amazing @sebs-potato for betaing this series for me! Status: Completed. Part 1: Confessions and Celebrations . Part 2: Aw Coffee ..

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Paring: Jim Kirk/Reader. Tags: female reader, fluff, angst, humour, Jim is a lil shit, but we love him. Summary: James Tiberius Kirk should think before acting next time.Reader should learn to worry less. Spock shouldn’t pry, and McCoy knows better than to eavesdrop. Word Count: 896. Posting Date: 2016-05-23. Current Date: 2017-05-12. A bunch of long reader x Bucky Barnes. Some of these are pretty dramatic, others are more wholesome, I hope you enjoy! Add to library 12 Discussion 1 Suggest tags. Drafted. December 6, 2018 Ary . Reader | Realistic Romance 1940 Bucky Bucky Barnes Bucky Barnes X Reader Bucky X Reader Prewar.

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Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Female Reader. Word Count: 5.6k. Chapter ½. Before long, he could barely hear the gentle, even wisps of her breathing over the truck’s engine and there was that burning feeling again, whiskey in his throat. It went down smooth and pooled in a ball of warmth in his stomach. He didn’t hate it.

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His eyes dance over your features as if he is trying to burn them into his memory, burn them so deep that even if this fails, he will remember you. ... and you lean up to kiss him, slow and deep and fervent, without a care in the world. More by lioness94 Watch. V. Vivace {Cassian Andor/Reader} ... (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot Truth be told.

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